“The first wealth is health.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson


The Presence Process by Michael Brown “The author briefly recounts his own experience of protracted illness and his various attempts to heal himself using both alternative and allopathic means.From there he followed a variety of disciplines that led to sporadic moments of awareness, or “being present,” which in turn led to spiritual growth and healing. Read our review.

The Diamond Color Meditation – Color Pathway to the Soul by John Diamond, M.D.
Dr. John Diamond began his career as a psychiatrist and expanded his training in  holistic and alternative medicine so that he could treat “the totality of the sufferer.”  After years of clinical practice and research, he developed this program to treat the underlying anguish that he noticed was more fundamental than any disease, illness or pain with which the patient presented.  In conjunction with Professor Max Luscher, M.D., who developed the exact colors used in this book, the author has designed this system to overcome the anguish and bring about deep healing. Read Our review.

The HeartMath Solution By Doc Childre & Howard Martin with Donna Beech “If you’ve ever had one of those moments where you’ve had to stop — take a deep breath and then count to ten — so that you wouldn’t scream or strangle the person in front of you, then you’re well on your way to the HeartMath Solution!” Read our review

The Hidden Power of the Heart: Achieving Balance and Fulfillment in a Stressful World by Sara Paddison Blending personal experiences, work with others, and research in this field, Paddison covers a range of mind stretching topics including dimensional shifts, DNA blueprints, and holographic awareness.  She explains how real love – including love, appreciation, forgiveness, and care – can change your life, as well as others.  She states, “Heart power is simply the electricity of your inner strength and potential.  It’s what gives you the self-motivated ability to manifest and complete your goals – to empower yourself and achieve balance and fulfillment even in today’s increasingly stressful world.” Read our review

You Are the Healer by Gene Krackehl “This book is a “must-read” for anyone contemplating becoming a hands-on energy healer, but others may benefit from it as well.” Read our review

Change Your Life in 7 Days by Paul McKenna Review of the book, Change Your Life in 7 Days by best selling author and hypnosis expert, Paul McKenna. This book can have you transform your life into the one you’ve always dreamed of having in just one week. Read our review

Staying Well With Guided Imagery by Belleruth Naparstek “If you ever wanted a simple and effective way to feel better – mentally, physically, and spiritually – this is the book to read.  Staying Well With Guided Imagery is an easy to understand, step-by-step guide to using your imagination to maintain health.  Well organized, this book explains what imagery is, how and why it works, and under what conditions it works best.  Written by Belleruth Naparstek in 1995, Guided Imagery is still a relevant and useful tool for influencing your own well-being.” Read our review

Gold and the Philosopher’s Stone: Treating Chronic Physical and Mental Illness with Mineral Remedies By Dr. Peter Grunewald “There is a wealth of information packed into this slim book that bears close reading.  The appendices at the back of the book include some of Rudolf Steiner’s lectures and are very helpful.”

Your Hands Can Heal You:Pranic Healing Energy Remedies to Boost Vitality and Speed Recovery from Common Health Problems, by Master Stephen Co & Eric B. Robins, M.D. with John Merryman. “This book is more than brilliant– it is essential for all readers who value the quality of their health.” – Caroline Myss, Author of Sacred Contacts. “With elegant simplicity and practical wisdon this book shows you how to harness the healing poer that exists in every human being.” Deepak Chopra, Author of Grow Younger, Live Longer.

Hands Of Light- a Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field,
by Barbara Ann Brennan
“An excellent and, in my opinion, an absolute-must for knowledge on healing.”

The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, by Sogyal Rinpoche
Concepts such as reincarnation, karma, and bardo and practices such as meditation, tonglen, and phowa teach us how to face death constructively.

Perfect Health, by Deepak Chopra, M.D.
This book provides you with a personally tailored program of diet, stress reduction, exercises and daily routines. It’s based on a 5,000-year-old system of mind/body medicine known of Ayurveda .

The Oil That Heals, by William A. McGarey ,M.D.
The analysis of a medical doctor’s research on and verification of the healing properties of castor oil packs, first recommended by the renowned psychic Edgar Cayce.

Healing Yourself With Light, by Launa Huffins
This book offers a complete method for bringing the healing light of the soul, the Solar angel, and the angelic healers into the physical body.

Your Healing Power, by Jack Angelo
A comprehensive guide for those who want to heal themselves by understanding the energies of the human body and the nature of disease.

Joy’s Way, by Brugh Joy
This book contains insights into the awakening process, the holographic aspects of consciousness including visualizations, the chakras , healing and the transformation of humanity.

Awaken Healing Energy Through The Tao, by Mantak Chia
This unique and comprehensive book reveals the Taoist secret of awakening and circulating Chi, the generative Life force through the acupuncture meridians of the body.

Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can, by Caroline Myss
The author’s breakthrough views on energy medicine and her active approach to healing life issues and physical illness will help you overcome the mental blocks that keep you from becoming well.

Spontaneous Healing, by Andrew Weil
Drawing on fasinating case histories, as well as medical techniques, from around the world, Dr. Andrew Weil, shows how spontaneous healing has worked to resolve life-threatening diseases, severe trauma, and chronic pain. He then outlines an eight week program for healing.

You Can Heal Your Life, by Louise Hay
The timeless message of this book is that we are each responsible for our own reality and “dis -ease.” She includes a directory of ailments and emotional causes for each with a corresponding affirmation to help overcome the illness.

Shamanic Experience by Kenneth Meadows.
“This book clearly explains practical contemporary shamanism and how we can apply these principles and techniques in our daily lives, we can then discover our true purpose and develop our hidden potentials.”

The Way of the Shaman
by Michael Harner
Anthropologist, Michael Harner provides the definitive handbook on practical shamanism-where it came from, what it is and how you can participate.

Kahuna Healing, by Serge Kahila King, PhD.
The Ancient Polynesian word huna means “that which is hidden.” The author is a Kahuna – a transmitter of such traditional secrets. This book is filled with fascinating information on the huna way.