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The Visible and Invisible Worlds of God
By Reviewer - Cheryl Shainmark

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Caroline Corey is an Energy Healer and Teacher of Spiritual Studies and Metaphysics. She conducts private sessions and workshops teaching the process of communicating and blending with the Creator-Source. She also designs live events which utilize special Light and Sound frequencies that heal, uplift, and inspire the audience.
Apr 28, 2005

Author, Caroline Cory
Make room on the shelf for a clear, new voice in channeled communications – Caroline Cory has managed to pack a wealth of information into this slim volume and the messages are truly timely.  Based on the principle that all existence is a form of energy, the book is written with a view toward enhancing the reader’s perception of that energy, it’s role in the universe’s organization, and the reader’s own role in manifesting or creating reality.  The Visible and Invisible Worlds of God is both an offering of knowledge and a call to responsibility to learn how to control and plan our growth and that of the universe.


Caroline Cory’s book opens with some of her early childhood memories of communicating with invisible spirits and asking them questions about how things work and about the actions and emotions of the adults around her.  Trial and error over the years led to enhanced communication with her guides and spirits and to increasingly complex levels of understanding about how our thoughts work – how they are indeed a form of energy, and as such, how they may be manipulated or controlled by each of us for our own benefit or negative impact. 


After years of receiving spontaneous healings herself and learning how to do it for others, the author said that she knew she had to take these channeled offerings and her own role in them seriously. 


Upon questioning further, Cory was gradually shown or given more information on how the whole universe is energy that stems from an original Source.  The author says that the whole book is a series of direct and spontaneous revelations from guides or beings who are a vibrational match for her. 


Cory’s hope is that these revelations will act as a roadmap for readers to both the visible and invisible aspects of God’s or the Source’s energies that are all around us.  In her book she says that according to her guides, understanding that all is energy is “the core of all knowledge”, and Cory goes on to illustrate how all the physical worlds, the planetary systems and multiple dimensions and universes are all connected and come from an original creator Source.


Readers will be fascinated by the level of detail in this mapping of the universe and Caroline Cory’s explanations for the grids of energy that are in place for various purposes.  The author outlines how these grids handle gravitational forces, thoughts, communications, transportation and time travel. 


 In fact, she says that it is our connection and subconscious sensing of these grids that compels us to find “God” as we feel the greater consciousness of the Creator through these energetic links.  According to Cory’s guides true human nature is about the perpetual expansion of consciousness and merging with this Creator-Source. 


Much of Caroline Cory’s book is very practical, with exercises, prayers and down to earth ways of understanding these universal laws of creation.  We always hear that “Love” is everything, but in this book one realizes that it is an actual formula for creating.  The author explains the laws of attraction and reflection, how these affect our realities and more importantly, how we can control them. 


Emphasis is placed on the importance of seeing ourselves as vibrational, chemical and electrical beings and how this affects our health and our physical surroundings.  For a larger perspective, Cory elaborates on many of the entities and energies (visible and invisible) that are helping us with this task of creating on individual, world and universal levels.


            This book joins the ranks of Barbara Marciniak or Barbara Hand Clow in giving the reader detailed channeled information and a glimpse of future developments of the Earth – quite possibly including the demise of all institutions -- political, economic, religious and educational – that are not able to evolve with the Earth’s future shift in vibration. 

             Like Marciniak’s and Clow’s books, The Visible and Invisible Worlds of God has some of that encoded quality, or sense of downloaded information that usually presages activation for the reader, and usually grows more relevant with each passing year.   And this is no accident -- the author states early in the book, “As your consciousness evolves, so does your concept and idea of what God is, but if God is infinite, so is your quest.”   In this case, Caroline Cory has done her part to advance the quest.

Caroline Cory is an Energy Healer and Teacher of Spiritual Studies and Metaphysics.  She conducts private sessions and workshops teaching the process of communicating and blending with the Creator-Source.  She also designs live events which utilize special Light and Sound frequencies that heal, uplift, and inspire the audience.

To read an excerpt of the book, visit:  "The Visible and Invisible Worlds of God: Excerpt from Chapter 1 - “All Existence Is Energy”

For more information visit www.omniumfoundation.com

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